Helpful information about what is involved when commissioning a memorial with me.

Every individual is unique, so I am always perplexed that most memorials today are produced using templet and machinery.

My aim is to make memorials of exceptional quality, warmth and individuality, by hand, in a way that speaks fully to your vision of your loved one. I approach each memorial differently, as is suited to your wishes, and encourage you to be as much a part of the creation of the memorial as you wish. In many cases clients have found it an integral part of the grieving process.

My work embraces the full spectrum of possibilities, from the very traditional memorial to more unusual, alternative forms. I work alongside my clients throughout the process. Occasionally a client will already have a clear design in mind, and I am very happy to make it come into being. But for most this is not the case, and I am committed to assist them in commemorating their loved one in a way that goes beyond expectation, from initial consultation through to design, submitting applications where necessary, making and installing of the finished memorial, whether for a churchyard, cemetery, burial ground, garden or elsewhere.

I encourage you to contact me by phone or email, obligation-free, to have an informal chat about your wishes and ideas. Then, if you decide to proceed, I will provide you with a price range, and sketches of some possibilities to get the ball rolling (please see below).


We discuss your thoughts and wishes. If you have a budget in mind, that can be a helpful starting point. I suggest various options and the possibilities that might be most appropriate to your wishes. I will outline what happens at each stage and give a rough estimate of costs depending on the options. At this point I encourage you to take your time and consider the possibilities. If appropriate, I will ask any questions that might help to generate a clearer idea of what might work best. You are always more than welcome to get back to me with any further questions or thoughts. I consider this the most important, and sometimes the most difficult step, and you should take your time to choose a memorial you can feel entirely happy with. You should not feel at all rushed.

In order to encourage my clients to consider options that they may not be aware of, I will provide a wide variety of examples of what is possible. You might provide examples you favor, and discuss any other further thoughts and ideas that arise. I will supply rough sketches of the design ideas,fonts and stone samples for your consideration. When a choice has been made, I will provide a price to be paid in two 50% installments: the initial payment in order to proceed with the memorial, and the final payment upon completion and installation of the memorial.

Any final adjustments to the design can be discussed and made. Scaled drawings are then produced, including the submission of any necessary applications to churchyards and cemeteries.

Once any applications have been cleared and design drawings are agreed and completed, the stone can be ordered. Please note that most quarries and stone suppliers typically require from 6-10 weeks to fill the order.

Once the stone has been delivered, I can proceed with the carving. You are always welcome to make an appointment to visit the workshop and view the carving in progress.

Depending on the nature of the memorial and where it is sited, it can typically be installed easily in one day.
Memorial for a garden.